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Bauman Moscow State Technical University. El № FS 77-61860. ISSN 2413-0974

Results of Long-Term Measuring Tension Fluctuation on Electrolytic Cells

Radiooptics # 06, November 2015
DOI: 10.7463/rdopt.0615.0822705
Article file: Rdopt_Nov2015_062to076.pdf (1437.85Kb)
author: A.N. Morozov1,*

1 Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow, Russia

The paper presents the comparison results of recorded Kulbak’s measures of tension fluctuations in small volumes of electrolyte in two independent electrolytic cells and as well as the external meteorological processes. The electrolytic cells represent two vessels with the distilled water separated by a mylar film of μm thickness, having openings (thin channels) with a diameter of 0.2 - 0.4 μm. The electrolyte volume in the thin channels is about 10-14 m3 that corresponds to the number of ions in the specified electrolyte volume 1010. In each of vessels there are graphite electrodes connected to the amplifier input and further read out by computer. Thus, 1800000 values per minute are read out. The received tension fluctuation values per minute allowed us to calculate the Kulak’s measures for two experimental units. Experiments were conducted within the period from March 20, 2011 to April 8, 2015. Thus, the total length of the processed records made 31084 hours or 1295 days. The analysis of results of experiments allowed us to draw a conclusion on the impact of external dissipative processes on nature of ion fluctuations in electrolyte. It has been found that there is a mutual correlation of Kulbak’s measures for two independent units. The paper defines correlation coefficients of Kulbak’s measures of tension fluctuations, meteorological factors, and density of entropy production when transforming sunlight into the thermal radiation of the Earth.
It is shown that with the steam-saturation temperature values in the atmosphere, absolute humidity, and density of entropy production the correlation coefficients of recorded Kulbak’s measures are the greatest. Coefficients of regression of Kulbak’s measures and values of various meteorological factors are calculated, and it is shown that at band-pass filtering of signals in the range of periods from 1 to 25 days these coefficients are decreased by 3-5 times as compared to a low-frequency filtration with the threshold period of 10 days. The observed effects can be considered as the hypotheses to explain mechanisms associated with nonlocal complexity of macroscopic system states or with impact of external dissipative processes on the intensity of Poisson fluctuations of periods between ion-ion collisions in electrolyte with environment particles.

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