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electronic scientific journal Radiooptics

Bauman Moscow State Technical University. El № FS 77-61860. ISSN 2413-0974

Aims & Scopes

Magazine:  Radiooptics

Aims & Scopes

The network edition "Radiooptics" — the periodic reviewed scientific publication which reflects original scientific results of the theoretical and applied researches conducted on a wide range of problems in the field of radio electronics, optoelectronics and laser equipment and also publishes the description of original engineering and design decisions. The subject of the edition turns on as questions of systematic studies of radio-electronic and radio optical complexes, and topical issues of creation of the equipment of a wide range of electromagnetic frequencies, including the microwave oven electronics, digital processing of signals, digital processing of radar and optical images, a radio communication, distribution of electromagnetic radiation in environments, physics of plasma, radio astronomy, physics and equipment of coherent and incoherent electromagnetic radiation in optical and radio frequency ranges, radio photonics, physics and equipment of laser radiation, mathematical modeling of radio-electronic and optoelectronic systems, the system analysis, information processing and management in radio and optoelectronic systems.
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